How we work

Our passion is to develop and implement market driven innovations, strategies and marketing solutions that deliver concrete business results for our clients.

We differentiate ourselves by our single point of departure: the customers of our client

A thorough understanding of market insights, customer insights and business insights, lay the foundation for business opportunities, real customer centric innovations and strategy. Success as a brand is in the end all about meeting and exceeding customer expectations, demands and needs. Insights are supported by facts and financial business cases, where possible.

We are driven by customer impact and making strategy happen

Strategy is about action, not about paper! Our clients are looking for inspiration and concrete results. Not for big consultancy reports. We only analyse what is vital to make a decision. With our efficient business model we ensure that our clients only pay for what is really needed.
In our vision strategic concept development and actual market implementation go together. A good idea is worth nothing without excellent execution. To achieve real impact our approach combines a unique combination of analysis, creative thinking, conceptual skills, entrepreneurship and pragmatism; thus striking the balance between ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’. Pilot implementation in the client’s actual market is often part of our approach in order to build proven success cases, also in the short term.

We strongly believe in the power of working closely together with our clients

By establishing joint teams we can develop tailor-made solutions, which fit the organisation of our clients and optimise commitment. We obtain best results by combining our mutual experience and expertise. Your experience and knowledge of your company and industry. Our experience and expertise of various industries, markets, best practices & business functions.
Our aim is to give your organization a knowledge injection and make ourselves obsolete ASAP.

Customer focus and our approach require a 360° view, a multitude of senses, capabilities and skills, to:

  • be able to gain and analyse deep insights
  • create and develop an innovative strategy or business concept
  • and last but not least implement this successfully

Our team members are selected to fit this profile. We are looking forward to support you in achieving the commercial impact you strive for.


Reinventing Financial Services

Financial Times Pearson, 2010-2011



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