Making business easier

For companies who see growth opportunities in simplifying business for clients and/or distribution partners.

9senses supports in:

  • Performing quick scans of the current simplicity of the organisation.
  • Finding and utilizing best practices for the company, competitors and other industries.
  • Making sure that simplification leads to a positive business case: e.g. by creating cost efficiencies and increased revenues.
  • Translating simplicity to a 360° EASY experience for your clients. In your products, pricing, branding, distribution, customer touch points, processes, systems and organization.

Reinventing Financial Services

Financial Times Pearson, 2010-2011



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Interview with 9Senses Managing Partner, Reggy de Feniks in Computerworld Singapore....

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9Senses Managing Partner shared his vision on Fintech in Asia at event hosted by Life.SREDA in Singapore...

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