What we do

We help our clients, multinationals and medium sized companies, to achieve their commercial objectives. We guide our clients to where the business is.

We develop and implement innovative marketing strategies and concepts that help our clients to increase their commercial performance by:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Selling more to existing customers
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Developing and implementing new products and market concepts
  • Identifying and entering new markets

Our clients are looking for state of the art methods to increase their performance, deal with changing market situations and/or be more successful in increasingly competitive markets. Some examples of questions we have answered for our clients:

  • We need a new (growth) strategy. Can you develop our marketing/business plan?
  • Which market trends & developments are relevant for our business and how do we anticipate/counter them?
  • Can you develop and implement a new innovative proposition that will differentiate us successfully from our competitors?
  • Can you support us in developing, testing and rolling out a new marketing concept to our markets worldwide?
  • With which proposition can we enter a new international market successfully and which partners do we need? 
  • Can you create a concept to increase the loyalty of my customers?
  • How can I increase my grip on my sales force and boost the sales effectiveness of my team?
  • How to build a customer centric organisation? E.g. how to include Service Excellence in my proposition?

To answer these questions, our clients use a wide range of our expertise areas and services, amongst which: Marketing Strategy, Sales Improvement Concepts, Proposition Development, Service Improvement Concepts, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Concepts and International Market Entry Strategy.

Reinventing Financial Services

Financial Times Pearson, 2010-2011



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